UX Content and Marketing Design – Promotional Pages for Enterprise

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DSL Services for Enterprise Customers

Project: To create a landing page for AT&T DSL services for business customers. The primary navigation was the only established UI.  I received copy from marketing departments, features functions and promotional information to create this landing page. I also selected the images and built the related splash images for the video.

Solution: DSL Enterprise Services wanted to communicate a message of speed and reliability for businesses. Especially, how faster access to office-based services could improve productivity. By creating a visually appealing representation of the services, I helped communicate a need for speed. This example shows how I use principles of design composition and IA (information architecture) to lead the eye from top to bottom. Marketing copy can be as overwhleming to users as feature bloat.

UX Content

Consolidating copy and applying UX content principles can drastically improve conversion rates by making features and benefits more visually accessible. Presenting information using graphs is similar to creating dashboards. A/B user testing can help further focus content organization and finalize copy with real user feedback. The objective of content is to drive conversion by making it easy for users to engage confidently. Changes to marketing copy is complicated because of legal approvals. Consequently reaching a compromise on final copy requires an understanding of these limitations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]