Illustration in Colored Pencil on Paper for Children’s Book

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Children’s Book Illustrations

“Look Out Boris” The idea was based on the bull in a china shop idiom. I recalled a book about Grover, the enigmatic character from Sesame Street. The book warned the reader not to turn the page because there was a monster at the end of the book.

Image 1: Boris the Bull – Boris lived on a farm. He was very bored most of the time. Corralled and corn fed, he grew curiously large.

Image 2: Willy (will he or will he not. One never knows if Willy will get up and take on the day or decide to hideout in the back pasture under a tree whiling away the days – he is a philosopher that inspires Boris to take off and seek adventure.
Image 3: Stepping out and over the fence one day he found a world larger than he could have imagined. Suddenly, he felt small. Boris the bull wasn’t bored anymore. He had to see it all.
image 4: Boris escapes and ends up downtown, and unknown world with narrow allies and kids everywhere. Downtown was a tight fit.
image 5: Boris tries to escape the confines of the city down a narrow alley and ends up with an alley cat on his head.

Below is a promotional flyer produced by the rodeo, held by a rodeo clown. Eventually, Boris ended up joining the rodeo and becoming a star.