Messaging Flow – SaaS for WasteApps Routing and Dispatch

Messaging Flow for Dispatch

Project Date: 7-19-2022

I leveraged the systems robust code instead of relying on the user to figure out navigation patterns. We design a component that anticipates user behavior.

Type person’s name; selecting a name adds it to the section below the search area. It does not go directly to messaging. User must then select the person again.

1. Current messages:
Newest at top, use timestamp to prioritize, based on last activity.

Shows 5 latest messages based on activity; New messages or replies always at top.

1b. Start new message.

1d. messaging status:

1e. Launches latest “messages” window

1c. Set cursor to load controls. :
When user starts typing [reply] and [cancel] appear.

Optional feature for v.1 system-wide notifications

2. Create groups:
Search for user to add. Select from dropdown suggestions.

3. Message one person:
Search for user to add. Select from dropdown suggestions.

3b. Create new message
deactivated while searching and messaging.

4. Message one person
One person appears below search, select and begin chatting. (see 4b below)

Restarting search will not remove a selected person. User must remove them with [X] otherwise you are creating a group.

4c. Chat
Remove the user header tile when the user replies to message, follow pattern in (1c)

Cancel messaging, close message window.

5. Continue adding users to see [create group] controls. :
One person added below search, if selected will begin chat. (see 4b below) However, multiple users added begins group setup and CTA [create a new group] appears.

5b. User can message people individually from the list of group participants or as a group, but only once the group is created.

User cannot message individuals during group set up.

6. Create after adding users, or removing users added in error. Group name required.
Once group name is saved the group can be edited. Individual users from the group can be contacted.