XPO Logistics – Wireframes for Development Teams – The Beginning of Shared Libraries

Hi-Fi Wireframes for XPO Logistics:

Date: July 30, 2018

During the first month of this project, all teams were faced with a looming three month deadline to create a product backlog for Agile teams – it was my job to refine the UX process for speed using Lean UX principles. These wireframes varied because of the evolving approach. I suggested that we skip sending completed mockups to development teams and just provide wireframes with detailed feature function notes. Consequently, as the process improved, UI teams no longer need to build mockups prior to grooming sessions with developers. With clear wireframe annotation, development teams could use existing UI patterns to build a test environment. This allowed us to skip the mockups. However, the lack of a solid style guide and component library meant using a UI kit (Material Design) made more sense than customized UI . The wireframes had to carry the weight. Over three months a 175 features were workshopped and wireframed.


The number codes below relate to the specific JIRA issue for the business owner’s requirements. This allows me to quickly reference the requirement during the review process. I number areas of the wireframe that relate to the notation. During this process I was tasked with inbounding multiple requirements and working with many different business owners during a “war room” session.


1. Add tab to administration area for
2. View global list of exceptions
XLMHL-16433. Default sort on grid is by
exception. 2b. Types: Route, Stop, Product/Box,
Service, Work Order
3. Exceptions – View audit history of
exceptions XLMHL-16434
4. Exceptions – Add new exception – Edit
exception XLMHL-16436 and
5. Activate – Deactivate. 5b. User should be
warned of the downstream effects that
deactivating an exception will cause:
XLMHL-16437 – Deactivating an exception
will prevent it from being used elsewhere in
the system, any contract that has
configuration against it will remain, but will
be unusable XLMHL-16438 Activate exception
6. Translation option as defined by business analyst