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Interactive Mockup Prototypes in One

Discovery Workshops, Whiteboards for UI Sketching and User Journeys

Humans think in terms of narrative. I conducted “whiteboard workshops” on all features developed during the “war room” exercise at XPO Logistics. Because of time constraints this process worked well to define user journeys and pain points. I photograph the whiteboard and then create the wireframe (WF) for review by the team.

AT&T – UX Research & Testing – Looking for a Few Good Customers

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text] Research Testing Form for Internet Services & Design My Contribution: Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design. User Interface Design, UX Content Project Summary: I joined AT&T’s Interactive Solutions & Design department with a solid background in graphic design and user interface development. After a couple years designing successful marketing campaigns and managing …

Creating Effective Design Roadmaps: Addressing Expectations and Pain Points

Make sure a good mix of people are involved in the journey map creation. It’s helpful to have stakeholder participants from many areas of the organization, as well as people of varying levels of seniority.

The Art of Asking Questions in Usability Testing

How do we ask questions during the most common usability testing studies. I will briefly touch on some generalities that I prefer. Usability Testing With concise and standard words, usability testing is a research activity where a product is used by specific users to perform specific tasks in a specific context of use. The goal …

How to Conduct a Usability Test in Six Steps from Start to Finish

The benefits of usability testing are easy to understand, but what does it take to carry out a powerful UX test that will lead to relevant results and improvements?

My UX Workshop: Collaborative Discovery

Tools: Markers, whiteboard, post-it notes, index cards, note pads, donuts, coffee/water/tea Objectives: To do UX exercises like experience mapping, personas, customer journey and feature enhancement workshops can help convey important information about the market, the users, the product and business goals to the whole team. Consequently, user-centered design thinking methodologies become entrenched within your team …

Empathy Quoting Exercise – An Important Part of Risk Mitigation

STRATEGY – Get the team to talk about the quotes and give special attention to areas where the quotes have been grouped. Get the team to think about how they can capitalize on the positives and possible strategies for coping with any negative issues that may arise further down the line.

My Interview Techniques to Produce Valid User Session Data

“Trying to learn from customer conversations is like excavating a delicate archaeological site. The truth is down there somewhere, but it’s fragile. While each blow with your shovel gets you closer to the truth, you’re liable to smash it into a million little pieces if use too blunt an instrument” – Rob Fitzpatrick, “The Mom …

8 Questions to Ask Your Client When Starting a UX Project

The ability to ask the right questions is an essential skill for any UX designer. Here are my top suggestions of what to ask in your first meeting with a client. As UX professionals, we spend a lot of time focusing on the end-product. When it comes to usability, aesthetics and general polish in our …

Pivot or Persevere? Find Out Using Lean Experiments

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] by Amanda Stockwell The Lean Startup approach is gaining popularity in organizations of all sizes, which means teams must adapt their processes. More and more, UX professionals are being asked to take on Lean experiments – which are fantastic – but differ slightly from traditional UX research. To recap, “Lean Startup” is a business approach …